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About TastyMail™

TastyMail provides an online avenue for patrons to receive news, specials, coupons and more from local restaurants, wineries, pubs & breweries, bakeries and other edible goods vendors. For businesses, TastyMail offers a robust, affordable and easy to use e-mail marketing system along with the added benefit of being listed in our site’s directory.

Founded in 2010, TastyMail is a project developed by Shawn Hall, a marketing entrepreneur with 10 years experience serving Michigan small businesses as well as others around the country. Our goal is to provide establishments offering edible goods with an affordable online and e-mail based marketing platform to reach both existing and potential customers in order to increase business and customer loyalty. The big difference between our website and most other e-mail marketing systems is that TastyMail is focused on the customer, allowing easy sign up to mailing lists with local eateries and quick access to helpful information on each business through the TastyPages section of the website.

Browse to your local restaurant or other edible goods establishment and start getting something tasty in your email.
Your inbox never tasted so good!

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